We conduct government affairs and business diplomacy engagements exclusively for technology startups / scaleups. 

Our Goals

- Analyzing & monitoring political and regulatory trends and risks.
- Soft landing for global tech scaleups in Turkey by developing right partnerships and regulatory dialogue.
- Engaging political leaders and regulators through direct / indirect (via business umbrella organizations, grassroots movements and thought leaders) communication.
- Building a social impact storyline around a tech startup / scaleup & turning the founders into thought leaders through appropriate positioning at the right local, national and international platforms.

Our Services

- Engagements with government departments,
- Engagements with media and thought leaders (including social media)
- Engagaments with NGOs and international organizations
- Research management & relations with academia and think tanks
- Business-to-business diplomacy
- Campaign design and management
- Legislation and regulation development
- Crisis management
- Litigation communications
- Employment relations strategy
- Soft landing for international scaleups

Our Vertical Focus

- Fintech,
- Regtech,
- Proptech,
- E-commerce & marketplaces,
- Social media,
- Data governance