USSAL ŞAHBAZ is a thought leader on the intersection of technology and its societal and policy implications. From 2018 to 2019, Ussal was the CEO of EDAM, one of Turkey’s most prominent think tanks. Between 2016-2018, Şahbaz was General Electric’s innovation director for Turkey. He managed the Business 20 and Think 20 engagement groups whilst Turkey chaired the G20, and started the Innovation Studies Programme of The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV). His government career included positions at the Turkish Competition Authority and President of Turkey’s Office. Şahbaz holds a master’s degree in International Development from Harvard University, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Economics from Bilkent University and Middle East Technical University respectively. He writes weekly columns on Dunya, Turkey’s business daily newspaper, and publishes a weekly e-mail bulletin on tech, society and policy that reaches out to 10k Turkish audience.

speaking engagements

His work is featured in major US media outlets including Foreign Affairs, Forbes and Techcrunch. He has been a speaker at U.S. Presidential Entrepreneurship Summits, Business 20 China, Arabnet Dubai, 5th Izmir Convention of Economics, among others.

Ussal Şahbaz describes the impact of digitalization and innovative developments on our daily lives.

junior associate

Nesibe holds a graduate degree from Koç University Law School with a minor certificate in Sociology. She has commenced on her career in Ussal Consultancy after her legal internship in the venture capital department of a prestigious law firm. Her role at Ussal Consultancy includes preparing policy briefs, political updates and conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses for developing new policies. Before joining Ussal Consultancy, Nesibe worked as an intern in various law firms and a project assistant in the UNESCO Gender Studies Center. Furthermore, she had worked at Koç University Law School as a student assistant with Intellectual Property, Law & Ethics, and Arbitration professors. Nesibe led the Koç University Law Faculty Journal as the editor for three years. She is one of the popular young thought leader in Turkey regarding human rights issues. Nesibe is interested in the areas of IT crimes, AI&Ethics, legal policies, and politics. Currently, she also works as a political consultant, and contributes to a newsletter agency named Aposto!, and 32.Gun poltical documentary YouTube channel.